WorK Packages

There are six work packages (WP) in this project. Each WP is broken down into sub-packages that are described in greater detail in the Description of Work (Annex I)

Facts and figures

Over 90% of European external trade and 43% of internal is going by maritime transport.

Maritime companies belonging to European Union control one third of the world fleet. Shipping is estimated to emit as high as 4.5% of total global CO2 emissions. NAVTRONIC project is funded 3.58 Mio € funding from FP7 EC. The total budget is 5,394 Mio € and the duration 36 months. Targeted impacts of NAVTRONIC project:

  • 90% accurancy in Estimated Time of arrival
  • 7% savings on fuel consumption
  • 7% savings of CO2, SOx and PM emissions
  • 15% extension of the service life of ships
  • 20% savings with respect to maintenance and inspection costs





This project is co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC.


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