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There is a strong interest in the maritime community to optimise sailing time, reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and minimise maintenance costs.  This is the background why the NAVTRONIC project was  initiated.


Facts and figures

Over 90% of European external trade and 43% of internal is going by maritime transport.

Maritime companies belonging to European Union control one third of the world fleet.
Shipping is estimated to emit as high as 4.5% of total global CO2 emissions.
NAVTRONIC project is funded 3.58 Mio € funding from FP7 EC. The total budget is 5,394 Mio € and the duration 36 months.
Targeted impacts of NAVTRONIC project:
  • 90% accurancy in Estimated Time of arrival
  • 7% savings on fuel consumption
  • 7% savings of CO2, SOx and PM emissions
  • 15% extension of the service life of ships
  • 20% savings with respect to maintenance and inspection costs 


The objectives of the NAVTRONIC project is to develop a sail planning system to help sea master optimise these criteria.

Work packages

The structure of the NAVTRONIC project is explained in more detail in the Work Packages.


The NAVTRONIC project's organisation is detailed in the following picture:

Main results

Main result coming from the project is detailed in the section Main Results.






This project is co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC.


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