There is a strong interest in the maritime community to optimise sailing time, reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and minimise maintenance costs. The objective of the NAVTRONIC project is to develop a sail planning system to help sea master optimise these criteria.

The proposed solution mimics the current human sail planning process. It will monitor actual ship performance and assimilate this information in the sail plan optimisation process.

The access and systematic exploitation of this ground truth information will provide the unique capability of building “system experience”, constantly improving the performance of different sub-models used in the sail plan optimiser. The system will automatically and continuously compute and communicate optimised sail plans to a vessel. All relevant information justifying the results will be sent simultaneously.

The NAVTRONIC project is highly end-user driven – the largest market players in the maritime community are partners and support the project with human resources, vessels and infrastructures for tests and evaluation.



 Navtronic FactSheet


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This project is co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC.


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